Business Communications are an excellent marketing strategy whether the target market is internal such as employees, franchise owners or members or external consumers and businesses.

Member directories, sales catalogs, and newsletters are proven effective marketing collateral. Leander Publications can help you from concept to delivery of these items and more.

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Services to Help YOU Self-Publish

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Leander Publications helps you self publish by offering specific services within the process of do-it-yourself publishing. We use our years of experience to help you complete a professional product.

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Marketing Strategies
Is Do-It-Yourself Publishing Right for YOU?

Do-it-yourself publishing, also referred to as self publishing, is easier to do today than it was five years ago. There are more book printers available that offer low print runs and the Internet offers virtually unlimited self publishing potential from your own web site to Ebay to

Self publishing is the right choice for many authors and entrepreneurs, however, it is not the best choice for all. Before jumping in to do-it-yourself and self publish, consider the pros and cons associated with both avenues (a book publisher versus do-it-yourself publishing). Research, planning and preparation are critical components to successful book publishing.

Why choose self publishing? The most obvious reasons include control of your book content, book format, price point and distribution. Do-it-yourself publishing allows you to receive the entire net sale as opposed to a royalty.

If you're ready to get started publishing your book, read our Three Tips to Successful Self Publishing.

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