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How to Pick a Topic

Before you jump into self publishing, do you have a topic to write about? Consider a subject that you are passionate about, or possess training and knowledge in. Generally it is easier to write about subjects you like, know or have a passion for such as stop global warming. Look to media headlines for hot topics. Once you have a topic, then write a synopsis or outline of the book. It is often helpful to also list the objectives you hope to accomplish by writing and publishing the book.
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Plan for Success

Before you jump into developing a business publication or self publish, a little planning and preparation will go a long way in ensuring your endeavor will be successful.

What is it you hope to gain or accomplish? Think "destination" or "end result." Then consider which format will most likely meet your needs, i.e., an a newsletter or ebook. Once you know the format begin planning the content. What is the goal you hope to accomplish from the content? Drive traffic to your business, promote a new service or product, etc.?